Whether it's for a web site, brochure, editorial or advertising, professional photographic images will make your message speak louder than words alone.

The fee depends on what the image is used for so contact us now for a quote.

Commissioned works such as those in the Weddings, Portraits, Events, Product and Real Estate categories are not for sale, although if you need something in these categories, consider a commissioned shoot - the rate will surprise you. See below for Stock Images vs a Commissioned Shoot.

If you're after a photographic print, head this way.

Stock Images vs Commissioned Shoot

Buying a license for a stock photo may seem much simpler than organising a photo shoot, but there are benefits to having a photo taken for a specific purpose.

A license for an existing image covers a single particular use. Extending that use in any way will require a new license, and hence, another fee. Once the image has been used, it cannot be used again without purchasing a new license. The advantage of this scenario, however, is that you know exactly which image you're getting.

On the other hand, arranging a photo shoot for an image has the following benefits:

  • you receive a disc which includes a number of high resolution images from the shoot, not just one
  • you get exclusive use of the images, which means you can use them however you want, wherever you want, for however long you want (except you can't on-sell them, but neither can we)
  • it may actually be cheaper

The disadvantage of this method is that, while every attempt is made to get the shot you want, the shoot may not yield exactly what you had originally envisaged. So it depends a lot on how strict your requirements are.

Both scenarios obviously have their pros and cons. It really depends on your priorities.

Commissioned shoots start at just $240 all inclusive for one hour (shoot, post-production, disc of high resolution images). Visit categories for specific pricing:

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