A pretty amazing day today which produced a supercell with tennis ball hail over Browns Plains and a stunning mammatus sunset. A triple point was situated over the border ranges early so that was my target. With storms initiating early I made it to Boyland for the first intercept.

This first photo is the updraft base at 3:10pm to my W which went on to become the Browns Plains supercell.


Meanwhile, the main activity at this stage was to my S, which included a localised region of weak rotation:

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This area of rain intensified as it tracked NE over Mt Tamborine:

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Meanwhile, to the N the RFB (rain free base) started dropping rain and bolts of lightning.

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A brief funnel also appeared to the SW of the rain core:


This now active cell to the N was really starting to get its act together. A solid base, crunchy updraft, and a green core meant I should have headed N earlier to stay ahead of it, but I was still on the S cell which of course by now was dying. It did seem to show another localised area of weak rotation:


But back to the greenage to the N:


At this point I briefly considered core-punching to get ahead of the storm as I really wanted to be out front, but driving in a hurry through torrential rain and strong winds, not to mention the likelyhood of hail (tennis ball size ended up falling) is not much fun, especially through Brisbane suburbs. So I instead elected to casually follow it, stopping again at Logan Village where many lightning bolts fell at the rear of the storm making them handily visible from my location.

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I continued on to Waterford.


The storm was now in the process of dying, however it did produce a spectacular mammatus sunset.


Another brief cell appeared to the W for long enough to produce some nice bolts which the lightning trigger generally failed to catch:

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But the mammatus!

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Storms were not done yet though. New cells popped up around Mt Glorious and Tarampa dropping distant lightning bolts:

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Just as I was ready to head home, more lightning active cells appeared the SW. The area between Killarney and Warwick produced two synchronised anvils:


These didn't last long and finally headed home around 7:10pm.