The last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting. No massive supercells but thunderstorm activity forecast for most days and nice little cells appearing here and there. If you chased everything you'd go bankrupt on the fuel costs so I chose my days reasonably carefully.

Today looked certain to produce something along a westward moving surface trough. There was local thunder around Beaudesert in the morning and early arvo. Here's a video capture of lightning over Mundoolun:


Hardly tornado-producing weather so I sat tight when a few stronger cells appeared W towards the range so I headed out, making it to Wyaralong (between Beaudesert and Boonah) before the rain arrived.


While continuing on to Boonah I noticed a very large tree branch down, which of course may or may not have been brought down by this storm. Hard to say.


With thunder audible to the S I headed to Mt Alford for a turbulent sky on the egde of the rain core.


This storm continued southwards towards the range and intensified producing a large black core on radar. Pity it was over unchaseable territory. Meanwhile a cell near Toowoomba was tracking W as a new storm appeared new Warwick, so I continued W over Cunningham's Gap. Unfortunately, by the time I got to Freestone (just W of Maryvale) the Warwick cell had died. So I had a go at a neaby rainbow and the beautiful sunset.

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I kept going towards Allora in the hope of scoring some lightning from the Toowoomba cell which was becoming less and less frequent. By the time I got there, the storm had pretty much died.

On my way home I noticed flashing to the SE and the radar showed an intensifying cell tracking up the coast from NE NSW. After toying with going coastal, I headed up Mt Tamborine for a magnificent view over the Gold Coast as the storm proceeded N:

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The cell eventually headed N out of my view. CGs (cloud to ground lightning) were becoming much less visible anyway, so I headed home.

More lightning started flashing to the SE but I ignored it as I went to bed. Thirty seconds later a positive bolt launched out of a descrete cell, which launched me out of bed pretty quick.

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While the chunky CGs disappeared, lightning flashed all night as cells merged producing massive rainfall over the ocean, which would've caused some serious flooding if it was over land.