Normally South East Queensland storm season opens rather arbitrarily at the beginning of October, however with the first good storms of the season on Sep 16, let's call it open!

With some work on the Gold Coast in the morning, that's where I started, wondering if NE NSW would be a good target as the weather model, GFS, indicated. Some early storms were firing around Esk but were too far N for me to get to. I hung about from early arvo when I spotted an explosive congestus hitting the troposphere SE of Canungra just after 4pm:

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I tracked it S to Beechmont but it died soon after. With no obvious activity occuring on radar I hung about the decent views waiting for something to happen. Another cell approached from the W with regular rumbles of thunder:


The cell passed overhead with a couple of decent thunder cracks but structure looked unorganised. Although it did produce a lovely rainbow over the Numinbah Valley E of Beechmont:

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With nothing much else happening, I waited around while the sun set.

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Lightning then started flickering to the N which, according to the radar, was from a storm around Cleveland to Redcliffe. It seemed a little too far to bother with and I pinned my hopes on something closer, but ended up near Jacob's Well as the line pushed out to sea:

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I hung around longer than I probably would have normally considering I hadn't seen this flashy stuff for a long time but eventually left around 7:40pm.