Today was always looking pretty good, but after a tornado was spotted in Ben Lomond in NSW (40 kms S of Glen Innes) things got exciting.

An early cell fired up around Marburg in the late arvo which spread E. Here's the view from Jimboomba:


I thought that might be the thing that got storms going, but they were lurking out W, so I headed S to Beaudesert then onto Boonah with a view to get over the ranges if I could.

By the time I reached Boonah, activity was already moving over the ranges so I sat tight as some crazy lightning gave a hint of what was to come. The following two photos were taken in quick succession:

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The radar showed a quite a lot of light rain ahead of the main activity, which would make taking photos a bit tricky. I skirted N trying to get to an area that was free from rain but also with good views. This turned out to be quite a challenge as every time I stopped, the rain would start. So I headed up to Purga and enjoyed a good period sans rain.

The darkening sky really started to show the amazing frequency of this lightning.

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The storm had given me a pretty decent go without rain as the lightning started getting a bit more serious:

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I stood out there in the cold under my brolly waiting for the big one, but the rain and wind eventually forced me back into the car as CGs (cloud-to-ground strikes) continued to get closer.

During this time it actually felt like I was in a car wash. Even turning the car in an attempt to face the lightning was tricky as visibility dropped. Afterwards I would learn of the likely rotation signature on the doppler (see below) and an unconfirmed report of winds tearing a roof off a house SW of Ipswich, not far from my location.

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As the storm proceeded over Brisbane, the crawlers came out to play:

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As well as possible damage SW of Ipswich, trees came down in Cedar Vale blocking the Mt Lindsay Hwy. Along with the tornado in the Northern Rivers in NSW, this turned out to be quite a significant day.