Today wasn't a massive day but enough to make it worth getting out of the house and eyeing a rather nice gust front from Boonah to Brisbane.

There were two main cells toward the S over the border ranges and I went for the one inland. The next two shots are to the SE and SW, respectively:

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I headed to Boonah and actually kept going S about 10kms but ended up too close to it. The constant rumbling thunder was nice but the road network is virtually non-existent around the ranges, so I pulled back to Boonah and watched the storm approach.

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It was heading NE over Boonah and would soon block my only road to Beaudesert so I took off. I got caught a couple of times, as you'll see in the video below, but I made it to Beaudesert in time to watch the front develop.

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The two discrete cells were merging into one system as it tracked NE towards Cedar Grove.

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A good omen near Jimboomba:


I continued N up the Mt Lindsay Hwy and stopped again near Greenbank where this thing showed no signs of slowing.

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The NE edge was definitely devloping more and I considered shooting straight N with a view to head roughly towards Marburg, then maybe Esk, depending on what the storm did. Then I thought about the roads up that way decided against it. Even though that area gets some great storms, you're bashing your head against a brick wall trying to find decent views. So I continued N and stopped again at Larapinta, near the Logan Mwy.

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There was definite greenage during much of the storm's life, which often indicates hail. Lightning wasn't quite so prevelant but it did seem to pick up for a few minutes at this spot, so I shot some video and combined the lightning frames together:

1200x675 1200x800

I also considered heading up the Gateway to watch the storm head out over the water near the airport or Redcliffe, but it was weakening at this point so I headed home instead, catching some mammatus on the way.


The afternoon rain was lovely after I got home, as was not having to drive hundreds of kilometres to get there :)

Here's some video of the chase: