Today might've been a little frustrating if it weren't for the fact that we've had bugger all activity lately, meaning it was just nice to be out on the open road again, supercell or no supercell.

Strangely, this morning produced a couple of tornadoes in Tasmania, of all places. Perhaps that got me excited enough to head out.

The plan was to head out past Toowoomba where storms were expected to be more active. I only ever got as far as Laidley with a strong surface trough producing a couple of distinct waves of weak storms. Well, they could hardly even be called storms as lightning was extremely infrequent.

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With the SE end of a distinct NW/SE line apparently getting more active, I headed back around with the intention of dropping down to Harrisville.

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I stopped near Rosewood and got quite a close crack of lightning which was nice considering how rare they were today.

I was going to continue on but noticed a new line following from the W. Often when lines of storms come in waves, the second is more impressive than the first. It went against every instinct to leave this current storm behind in the hope of something better, but I basically back-tracked to where I was S of Laidley, but kept going past Mulgowie. The only problem with this spot is that due to the pesky Dividing Range which I personally don't think is all that Great, this road would eventually become a dead end. The only way to continue S after this would be head N again to Laidley then E through Rosewood and down the Cunningham Hwy from there. Not a great proposition considering it would take an hour to get to Harrisville from here, probably ending the storm chase.

Anyway, I watched this new line do not much at all except offer a few rumbles of thunder and some creeping condensation over the mountains.

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As the line crept past my location, I darted back around the way I was forced to, behind held up in the process by a goods train, of course.


I was hoping, probably unreasonably, for some lightning activity after dark so I continued to try and get myself in a good position, stopping N of Harrisville. I saw a bright flash on the way, but of course nothing after I stopped.

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I sat there for ages playing with some timelapse and long exposures and finally quit around 7:30pm.