Activity initially fired north of Brisbane along a north-south surface trough with southern parts of SE Qld to follow.

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As things got going I basically headed south from Springwood down the Mt Lindsay Hwy. A nice guster looked promising around Park Ridge!


Good views were frustratingly hard to come by and I eventually stopped near Jimboomba around 4:45pm:

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I took off SE and stopped again at Mundoolun. As the storm approached it dropped some killer flangs which had me squatting on the ground. It had started raining and I probably should've returned to the car but I was pretty keen for a photo:

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It eventually moved on so I followed further S, stopping at Beaudesert for some more lightning - this time some intense crawlers:

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I hung around long enough to end up in a storm doughnut:


But to not much avail. Lightning intensity had dropped to almost zero and it was time to head home.