Distance driven today: 640kms | Total so far: 13743kms

I figured I was in a pretty good spot today for storms. I cruised around the area W of Oklahoma City in a strangely relaxed fashion keeping an eye on the sky for the first signs of convection.

Of course, this is where some of tuesday's tornadoes came through and signs were obvious near El Reno:

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I'd stop here and there to get some air, wait for the sky to do it's thing, check the models again.


But ultimately because of a strong cap, ZERO happened. The sky remained completely blue except for perhaps a few tiny whispy streaks of extremely un-storm-like cirrus. Which was a bummer really, because upcoming activity was due much further N into Nebraska and S Dakota. So after waiting all day for nothing, I had a long drive N at night, eventually checking into a motel after 1am at Newton in Kansas.