Distance driven today: 864kms | Total so far: 4306kms

Activity fired early today heading NE towards us from N-central Texas.

First stop was coffee in small town Tishomingo. (I promise herein to only bang on about food when there's a story worth telling.) We're quickly learning (by experience - we had been told previously) that Americans love Aussies. We got the inevitable question about where we're from, which surprises me as I thought our accent would be obvious. Shortly after, the coffee shop manager was out all glowing and excited and wanting our photo for their wall. "I haven't met storm chasers before!" I thought it was only possible to feel like a celebrity in India.


We then headed S and met the storm just N of Dallas where big lightning was dropping frequently!

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The rain started so we took off N again to (attempt to) stay ahead of it, when CGs (cloud-to-ground lightning) was landing very close all around us, including one ripper about 20m on our side of the highway! These are stills from the video below:

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We were overtaken by rain where it eventually got so heavy that we had to pull over:

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Here's some video of the crazy lightning:

Then we didn't quite get a twister, but we got the next best thing:


We then headed N, bound for Kansas City, Kansas to prepare for tomorrow's action.

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We're hoping for more storms tomorrow around the Oklahoma / Kansas / Missouri border junction.

Heaps of driving but we're having a ball!