If you've successfully avoided my constant spamming and showing off about our US storm chasing trip and are unfamiliar, friend Drew and I are finally realising our childhood dreams and storm chasing in Tornado Alley. We arrived in LA, California on May 5 to organise stuff like phones, internet and car hire and will fly out of LA on June 5. So far this US season has been more crazy and devastating than anyone imagined with around 170 tornadoes produced from a single three-day outbreak around Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. Near the end of April around 600 tornadoes had touched down compared with around 140 last year.

Our first full day in LA was reserved for organising phones, internet and car hire. These goals were achieved with limited success, but hopefully 100% success tomorrow when we plan to wrap it up and get the smeg out of Compton and hit Route 66 to Tornado Central :p

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Instability for the mid-west is looking great with 4000-5000 CAPE for Sat-Mon and 5500 CAPE for Tuesday!