Chances were quite good today and it was being talked up by the chasers who were all a bit toey from such a long storm-free spell.

Unfortunately, a reasonably nice cap broke early thanks to plenty of moisture. There was activity all over the place and it was difficult to decide where to target, but a view of a southern cell near Boonah around 12:30pm convinved me to head that way.


I think what looks like a wide hail shaft above is just an area of rain lit by direct sun. With the cell slipping E, I took off in an attempt to get ahead of it.

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The twirly area above did actually look a bit like it was rotating. Shortly after, I hit some outflow with leaves and bark flying around. I also heard a couple of clunks on the car, which was a bit exciting! It didn't take long for the rain to arrive.


I eventually got ahead of it near Beaudesert.


A nice rain shaft, but nothing particularly severe. It looked like I was sitting underneath a weak gust front, and I wanted a decent view if one developed properly so I pushed on. I headed ENE and ended up on the Beaudesert-Beenleigh Rd past Tamborine and stopped again near Cedar Creek.

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The view was nice, but the storm seemed to be weakening a bit, so I sat around and watched for a while. Rain started to fall from the huge cell to the north that was enveloping Brisbane, so I headed for Stapylton (home of the beloved doppler radar) near Yatala. On the way I noticed a nice gust front developing!

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I was just north of it as it slipped east, so I managed to avoid the rain for a while and watched some scud form as it drifted over the hills.

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Here's some video from the chase including timelapse:

So great to be out on the open road after such a long dry spell. Now all I need is a night-time light show.