Just S of Ipswich was the first port of call today. 100 knot upper level winds were blowing the cloud tops way ahead of the storms but also producing some lovely mammatus. This is just near Peak's Crossing facing east-ish away from the storm underneath the anvil:

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And back facing W towards the storm as it died:


Cells were also developing SW of Boonah:


A quick drive to Boonah yielded a much better view. A guster was forming as the cell turned black on the rain radar!

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Several suspect lowerings were worth keeping an eye on. I thought I detected rotation at one point and this storm was later declared a supercell. A supercell is a storm with a persistent rotating updraft which can spawn tornadoes.

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The cell was now heading for Beaudesert. I didn't want to stay directly ahead of it because that's where the rain was falling so I decided to just follow it.


I eventually arrived at Beaudesert and with no roads NE (where the storm was going) I chose to head N up the Mt Lindsay Hwy. A fatal accident just N of town (apparently caused by hail from this storm) forced a u-turn - and then 200m back from where I came, another accident had occured and I was forced up a side street into what felt like the wilderness of the Gold Coast hinterland. Trying to get out of there and hitting too many dead-ends attempting a short cut to the storm meant that it well and truly out-ran me. It was constantly flickering away with lightning as it got dark and I saw some sensational bolts, but unfortunely I never got to a decent view.


The storm survived well out to sea.