Dalby seemed like the place to start today, so we took off down the Warrego Hwy in the early arvo. Between Toowoomba and Dalby heavy cloud and possible storms became visible, which was confirmed as we approached Dalby.

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Michelle, Drew and I met up with Chrissy, Rod and Michael Bath. A line of storms was firing the odd lightning strike and moving towards us, so we back tracked a short way to avoid the rain.

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Some lone sun-rays made their way right across the sky and onto a hill on the opposite horizon.

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We drove a little further E again to stay ahead of the storms. Mammatus was now visible:


We let this line make it's way over us to avoid wasting our entire time driving (attempting to stay ahead of it), and hoping to get some lightning out of the back of it. The northern part of the line was veering NE towards Kingaroy and the southern part was heading SE. A small shelf cloud feature was now visible:



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The southern part was now edging back towards us.


The northern part of the line was now around Kingaroy and developing into some lovely anvils.

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Our local cells were giving us a beautiful sunset.

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Lightning was firing, but it was tough to photograph until it got a bit darker.

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Last light:


The activity was moving SSE away from us so we decided to chase. 10kms down the road and the storms were becoming less lightning active.

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The northern cells (now NE of Kingaroy) were firing regularly along the entire line, but unfortunately, they were 150kms away from us. With Chrissy, Rod and Michael planning to eventually head to Lismore, Michelle, Drew and I decided to say goodbye and take our chances with the active cells north.

About two minutes up the road and these storms were noticeably weakening so we decided against the long drive. We also chose to avoid the drive back to Brisbane and spend a relaxing night in Toowoomba, just a few kms back E.

With every chance that storm activity might fire up again, I took my camera with me into the rockin' Toowoomba pubs and clubs.

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Unfortunately, the storms didn't fire up again so we were forced to relax with a few intoxicating bevvies.