Travelled today: 240kms | Travelled so far: 2056kms | Allowance: 2000kms

We drove out to Noonamah in the mid afternoon and waited around for anything that might occur and saw some nice irridescence.

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Congestus blew up then down as the afternoon progressed, but the only thing that looked promising was a cell way out to our W probably already over the ocean.



One particular congestus had a distinctly twisted appearance on the bottom, which looked intruguing, but nothing became of it.

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We finally saw some lightning activity to the south. Unfortunately, the flatness of the Top End is as con as well as a pro. This storm was further away than we realised, and we drove 100kms away from Darwin before we realised it was moving away from us. This seemed unusual to us, considering most of the storms so far had tracked either W, NW or somewhere in between. Perhaps, we were going a little troppo, but waiting around for something decent to happen meant we had to keep ourselves amused.


Unfortunately, tonight also meant that Jeff was due to leave me and fly out of Darwin around 1am. Perhaps it's a blessing that we weren't getting too much storm activity as it made getting to the airport easier.

Applying Murphy's law for poor old Jeff, at 4am after he'd well and truly gone, I started seeing lightning flashes to the W which, to my surprise seemed to be getting closer.

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I drove to Myilly Point and was treated to some of the finest positive strokes I've ever seen. (Positive strokes are lightning bolts that jump from the top of the cloud, outside of the cloud to ground.) These babies were jumping a long way out!

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Then I started seeing flashes to the NE. With the my current cell slowing down, I thought I'd drive up to Lee Point (excellent N and W views over the ocean). I left before this new storm really got going in the hope I'd be up there in time to see it really fire, and just in case it was a pulse (short-lived) storm. I turned right just before the Point and drove up to a small inlet/river and saw this creepy sign.


It was now about 5am, very dark and very quiet, so this sign was a little unsettling. Unfortunately, my storm had also died. But by now I was a very tired boy and was happy to go back home to sleep.