Travelled today: 120kms | Travelled so far: 1433kms | Allowance: 1600kms

Breakfast in town and a check of the forecast on the internet was becoming our daily ritual. If there was no activity about in the early to mid arvos we'd spend time keeping cool or searching for lookouts. We found one!


This is in the middle of town and faces north but unfortunately it closes at 5pm. We never ended up using it as most of the activity was either inland in the afternoons or over Darwin at night.


After wasting time in town we drove out to Nightcliff jetty to watch (and listen to) Hector.




Eventually, we noticed a cell building to the ENE, and decided that the road to Gunn Point was our best chance to intercept it.

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We seemed to be driving for ages on a dirt road without any decent views, and the cell appeared to be too far north anyway, so we decided not to go any further.

Later back in Darwin we bought some indian for dinner and took it back to Nightcliff jetty to watch a cell to the far W fire some lightning as the sun set.

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Then another one fired up to the distant E.


None of this activity lasted, however, so we trudged back home, disappointed that we didn't get as close to anything as we did yesterday.