Travelled today: 42kms | Travelled so far: 882kms | Allowance: 1000kms

A hit and miss day today. Some moderate to heavy falls tracked west through Berry Springs early (around 6am) setting up a lot of cloud which became the main 'feature' of the day. Though several cells did follow through later on dropping some lightning and nice rumbles of thunder.

During a visit to the Parap markets we got some nice thunder so we headed up to East Point for a better look. The cell had moved on a bit, but there were several cells about the place dumping rain.

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Activity seemed to slow down so we went back to our unit. During a nanna nap (got up 'early' to get to the markets) we heard thunder, so we zipped back down to the wharves for the view and found a beautiful anvil to the WSW headlining a line of smaller storms.


Saw a few bolts and heard more thunder. These storms then weakened and it was back home to continue the nanna nap.

An hour later and we heard thunder yet again, so it was back to the wharves. This time we got a very nice surprise... a developing gustfront!

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A few nice lightning flashes and wind gusts of up to half a knot later ;) and this system seemed to weaken just like everything else this day. We sat around and waited for things to improve but they didn't, so we left again.

A little while later we heard more thunder, but this time it brought plenty of rain with it. The thunder soon disappeared, and the rain eased in intensity but persisted lightly for several hours.

(PS. from Jeff - Marty's mate. In short, if you want to come up to Darwin before the wet sets in and see some atmospheric electrical activity, do one thing first. Check if we've come up here. If we have, avoid the place at all costs - you'll see NOTHING................ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!)