Highly respected meteorologist and storm chaser Anthony Cornelius and I appeared on 612 ABC Brisbane radio this morning.

We chatted with Richard Fidler (right) on his regular Conversations program about storms, storms, and more storms. He asked about what it is about storms that attracts us, our possible sensitivity to impending storms, close encounters with lightning, the cause of thunder, chasing techniques, the storm chasing community and plenty more.

Hear it here:

Or the original podcast is on the ABC Local website:

Marty Pouwelse & Anthony Cornelius on Conversations with Richard Fidler

If you haven't listened in to Richard Fidler before, you must. His intelligent and insightful Conversations show reminds me very much of Andrew Denton's 'Enough Rope' on the telly. Instead of heading straight for a whacky and quick sound bite from a hasty 5-min chat, both these talk-radio masters prefer to settle in and really get to know their guests, revealing something about them that is often surprising, emotional and impossible to discover any other way.