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I actually had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Lloyd recently, who plays Doc in Back to the Future.

The first suggestion of his appearance however, was a Delorean parked in the car park. Not THE Delorian from the film (they wouldn't let the actual time machine out of their sights!) but a Queensland registered vehicle owned by a Brisbane resident!

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As you can imagine there were many fans there with various film-related memorabilia, including the futuristic laceless boots from 2015.

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In town for the Supanova pop culture festival, Christopher Lloyd did some press with B105, where the team re-enacted a scene from Back to the Future to decide whether Labby or Stav (appropriately dressed) played the best "Marty" from the film.

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Then there was time for a couple of quick snaps with the Delorean before he was off.

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I've found that meeting your idol is usually disappointing. You build up such a strong relationship with them in your own mind that it's disappointing to discover that they don't actually know you from a bar of soap. I've learned this from past experience and have consequently tried to tame my expectations when meeting someone I admire.

My impression of Christopher Lloyd however was positive. He seemed older than he looked and a little frail. After my photo with him in the Delorean, I thanked him and started to walk off to let he and his team continue on their way when his minder or agent or whatever asked me to help him out of the car. It was my absolute pleasure to do so and he seemed appreciative. He walked slowly but with a constant smile on his face that suggested he had not a care in world. Just a mild amusement, and possible amazement, that he is so incredibly loved.

Even despite my own mental preparation, I still felt a wee bit let down to learn during his on-air interview that he has no interest in quantum mechanics, nor does he possess the foggiest notion of what all that time travel mumbo jumbo from the films even means, let alone the fact that he didn't write it himself. At least tell me the flux capacitor is real!

Despite my own weaknesses, he was refreshingly unassuming and, amazingly, he seemed quite happy to re-enact scenes from Back to the Future... a request I imagine he gets constantly. After twenty five years, it must be driving him nuts. But it didn't show. And I respect him highly for it.

He has quite a body of work. In fact, according to, he's appeared in 167 titles. Admittedly, this includes appearances in video games and documentaries, but he's obviously no one-trick pony. Yet it's clear he's still best known (and loved) for the Back to the Future trilogy. They were my favourite films growing up I've loved them since. It was the concept of time travel that initially hooked me but also the sentimentality that inevitably follows when you latch on to something in your formative years. And I saw the first film when I was twelve.

And on this day, I felt like I was twelve again.

Here's the intro I made as audio producer for his appearance on B105 that day. If you have no idea who this guy is, you will after hearing this:

And his actual appearance with Labby, Stav & Abby on B105: