Today's column is proudly brought to you by the followers of Marty Pouwelse Photography on Facebook.

I put the call out on my Facebook page for topics to write about for this edition so here are the helpful suggestions together with my responses.

"Write about how a photographer can see storms differently? The excitement, the chase? The perfect photo?" - Tanya.

Thanks Tanya. Storm chasing can be utterly thrilling. Except that 95% of the time which is spent driving and hoping. Once the chase is underway, it's game on. But getting to the target and the long haul home again can be extraordinarily dull. Ice coffee and good music can alleviate symptoms of boredom. Storm chasers see things differently because they have an unhealthy obsession which should probably be seen to be a specialist. The perfect photo has nothing to do with storms and, if I were to describe it in detail, would probably yield a lawsuit.

"How about Storm Chasing for Dummies?" - Helen

  1. Get in car.
  2. Drive towards storm.
  3. Don't get smashed by hail.
  4. If you do get hammered, please post a photo to my Facebook page.

"As well as expressing about capturing the beauty of the structures, formations and lightning strikes, the closeness you get to the immense energies while being aware of its destructive powers, the respect of nature in all its you got hooked on the chase, the dedication, commitment, passion and abilities of the chasers!" - Janet

Are you kidding? That sounds way too hard.

"The frustration of being at work when there are storms" - Shayne

It's extremely frustrating. That's why I left. Next?

"How to chase storms and pick up chicks?" - Kerryn

I thought these two pursuits were mutually exclusive. Did I miss something?

"Just say it's a front for finding chic little wineries out west." - Jodie

And all this time I've been using winery-hunting as a front for chasing storms.

"and the freaks you meet out on the chase" - Jodie

Excuse me, only one question each.

"The understanding wife at home as you take off... her side of the story!" - Debbie

She's just happy she can watch The Big Bang Theory in peace.

"Watching storms vs watching sport. Compare and contrast." - Jeff

One has fronts and gales, the other has grunts and fails.

"Slip in the fact there's nothing mini about any tornado" - Jason

Unless they're really small. Like the ones when you pull the plug in the bath.

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